What is a Wiki?

August 11, 2018 Off

Ask five different people about the definition of a wiki and there will be five different answers. Everyone has their own idea about what a wiki is and does. But the reality is a bit simpler. A wiki is software designed to handle complicated problems with straightforward solutions. Where Did Wiki Originate? The first wiki…

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Is MediaWiki Right For Your Organization?

August 10, 2018 Off

When most people hear the word wiki, they automatically think about Wikipedia. It has become synonymous with the word, for better or worse. But wikis are not solely for Wikipedia. Wikis are open source software that can be used to create wiki-style websites, useful for storing knowledge and sharing expertise.Many organizations are already using wikis.…

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Why I learned to Love MediaWiki

August 8, 2018 Off

It seems that Wikipedia’s are everywhere, from the parent site that has spawned them all, to countless wiki’s for TV shows, videogames, books, and other topics. They’ve become the go-to for information in the world. I’ve often thought about creating a wiki for my own book series, but it always seemed so complicated with the…

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Why I Love Open Source Software

August 7, 2018 Off

From videogames like the popular Dwarf Fortress and Cataclysm Dark Days ahead to Wikipedia’s Mediawiki to sites like WordPress and Audacity. Open source software is an amazing thing that doesn’t translate to bad workmanship or shifty developers that will eventually lock the work behind a paywall. Examples of Open Source Software I personally enjoy high-quality…

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